New on Cuddly Pets - Adopt a Cat or Kitten

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Adopt a Cat or Kitten

The biggest difference you can make in an pet’s life is taking them in and nurturing them. An abandoned animal’s greatest chance for survival is adoption into a loving home.

New on Cuddly Pets - Russian Blue Kitten #FelineFriday

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Russian Blue Kitten #FelineFriday

Russian Blue #felinefriday 2-22-13

Russian Blue #felinefriday 2-22-13

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Top Fifteen Small Pets Page 3

Turtles ~ these little guys are not as slow as the cartoons make them out to be! Get a couple of them & watch them race. Turds are low maintenance pets that require a tank, light, water & some store bought food. Perfect for a busy owner & household. Remember that no pet is “set & forget” though! The turtles & all of our friends require quality time.


Ferrets ~ These pets can be smelly because of their glands. They also require a large cage with lots of ledges & ramps to play on. Ferrets love to cuddle & nap!

Dumbo Rats ~ Super cute trainable rat. Very friendly & sweet; people train them to sit on their shoulders.

Hermit Crab ~ Another simple, low maintenance pet. They drink from wet sponges. Very interesting creatures to watch that would be perfect for a younger child.

Sugar Gliders ~ Loud but loveable pets that are trainable. They can learn to stay in your pocket! Sugar Gliders require lots of attention & love & get clingy so be prepared for a long time responsibility & friend.

Please comment with any other awesome critters you consider a top small pet.


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Top Fifteen Small Pets Page 2

Chinchillas ~ Agile, hopping creatures with the softest fur ever! Their diet is strict, their bones are fragile &amp they require a special bath, so this is a pet for an older, more experienced person.

Bijou on Chinchilla Bath

Bijou on Chinchilla Bath

Degus ~ Closely related to the Chinchilla. They look like the Chin’s darker, smaller cousin & have a less strict diet regimen.. Easy to pet, hold & take care of.

Beta Fish ~ Easiest Pet Ever! Keep them solitary in still water & away from mirrors. Perfect starter pet for any level owner. If you can’t handle a Beta than reconsider being a pet parent haha!

Hedgehogs ~ These adorable balls of fun have quills instead of fur! They love to splash around in baths in the sink & are so cute. A bit expensive & it is an exotic pet so they require some extra care.

Frogs ~ HUGE poops compared to their bodies. Need a habitat that they can keep wet in because they breathe thru the skin. Common frogs & toads eat cat food, dog food & insects. Exotic frogs are inexpensive & fun pets. Better suited for older children because they can hop away quickly!

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New on Cuddly Pets - Wordless Wednesday 2/6/13

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Wordless Wednesday 2/6/13